Saba Electric Engineering Co has obtained 5 patents in the field of inverter technology as the first manufacturer of inverter welding products in the country. With excellent experience and successful relationship with countries top industries, expanding this experience with the R&D based products and The focus of the slogan, "Our conviction is honesty in expressing our abilities

The products of our company are divided into the following groups:

1- Single Phase and Three Phase inverter rectifiers from 160A to 1250A

2- Inverter and transformer Mig/Mag machines from 250A to 650A

3-Sub merged arc welding

4- Gouging rectifiers

5. Flame cutting - bevel cutting

6. Plasma cutting with inverter technology from 40A to 160A

7. Implementation of welding and cutting automation projects

Use of world up to dated technology and high quality raw materials, the production of R&D driven and engineered products, quality control of parts and products at the optimal level, a reliable set of customers to offer reasonable price with the highest quality , High product life, quality and performance of the machine, working in different conditions and bad weather conditions, the ability to operate high shifts, equal output and real output and purchase capital goods for them.

Finally, thank you to all of our friends who, through their trust and usage of this series of products, have become our guide to the finalization and achievement of products manufactured by Saba Engineering Co  (Saba Electrical Engineering Co)